Where to get started with your Nursery Decor?

Oh the excitement of decorating your first baby nursery! All the theme and colour options, furniture and accessories – so many things to decide and choose from! Here are some of the nursery decor tips to help you get on your way.

To make sure your new nursery is a calm and soothing place for your baby, make sure you do some planning first. Before running off to the shops and buying everything that comes to mind take a moment to think first. Easiest way to keep things nice and simple is to choose a theme and/or a colour first – this way you can always be sure that even when things get overwhelming at the shops, you have already made a decision as to what colour or shade you want the main theme of the room to be.

For things not to get too bland with your nursery decor, make sure you choose a few colours that compliment each other. Once you have chosen your colour, it’s time to choose your main furniture – cot, changing table, chest of drawers, nursing chair and a rug. And then comes to fun part – all the accessories, bedding, cute decorations – everything that changes a regular room into a beautiful nursery!

Nordlife has everything from changing mats and baby bedding to small details like nursery music mobiles, buntings, wall prints, animal wall stickers and much more. Most of the colours of the nursery decor items in the Nordlife shop match one another perfectly – some of the patterned items even consist of the other solid colours available in the shop so everything can be tied together without the nursery looking like a rainbow. Having a selection like this makes sticking to a colour scheme easier & decorating your nursery a breeze.