Baby nest – the must have baby item in 2019!

A perfect way to create a snug & familiar napping and chilling space for your little one whereever you go – brunch at the inlaws? check! picnic at the park? check! family holiday down the coast? check!

It is also perfect for using around the house – Baby nest is a like little soft nest that can be used anywhere in the kitchen, living room, bedroom etc – the babynest has a strong cardboard hardbase and a firm mattress for extra support – so it will make a perfect snuggle pod for your baby anywhere you put it.

Babies need a lot of sleep

In the early days when they sleep most of the time, you can set the baby nest up on the kitchen table while you make lunch boxes for the older kids; on the couch while you catch up on the latest Netflix “News”, or on the floor while you do yoga.

The baby nests really have so many useful applications – from making feedings comfortable for mum and baby, to safely lounging in unfamiliar places and for supervised playtime. Not only are they super practical, they are also high-quality and made of organic materials where possible.

Practical & Functional

The baby nest has 4 carry straps so it can be easily transported. For travelling purposes – it comes with a clear storage/travel bag that helps keep the babynest clean. It also has zippers that allow the cover to be removed and machine washed. The removable covers, comfortable foam mattress, cardboard base really make the baby nest a must have in every home. It is important to help your baby develop good sleeping habits – and that means plenty of naps during the day. For the first 8 weeks babies don’t really stay up for much longer than a couple of hours at once – so it is important to have a good little snuggle nest that you can move around the house to keep your baby near you wherever you go.